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Wednesday, 3 June 2009

June in bloom (and a biscuit recipe..)

It was half term last week and as such wasn't able to free myself from the kitchen (aka the cafe). Now that my resident locasts have gone back to school and work and I have re mortgaged to buy more food, I can add the lovely photo mum took last week! Busy as always putting together the new courses for the autumn/winter it is sometimes good just to take a pic and look at the beauty of June! Glorious as the last few days have been though, my veg has needed some real TLC to stop a terminal wilt in the heat. I wonder at these times of hot weather if I will need my greenhouse in the future...
We were at the Staffordshire County Show last week and had a fab response to our cooking demo in the food hall. Mum managed 2 salads with 14 herbs in just 15 minutes and all from the garden! We have also had a lots of requests for the Rosemary Biscuits - so recipe to follow (when found it in large pile of ...on my desk)

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