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Sunday, 7 June 2009

A long wet sunday

Who would believe the difference between today and 7 days ago? Having retrieved my fleece out of the bottom drawer - I am now set up for opening the cafe and doing food most of the day. Nephew here too so lots of boys needing to be fed every 30 mins. Thought would do brunch now (boys 2nd breakfast) followed by chicken dinner later. As always nothing going to waste so good bacon from the farm shop and thought would fry off the left over jersey new's left over from Friday supper. The eggs are very fresh so lend themselves to poaching with thick slices of toast.
Husband is supposed to be playing cricket today - mmm - but no doubt will be back for the roast chicken later. Standard stuff really but had an idea for pud. I found some hot cross buns in the freezer that need to be used I suppose - so thought I would make them into a bread and butter pud of sorts. As we have been plunged back into winter, I thought it might just work with some cream and it feels like pud for free!

6 hot cross buns (found in a freezer)
2 eggs
1/2 milk
100g sugar
demerera sugar to top.

Slice the buns in half as if to toast and arrange in an oven proof dish. whisk the eggs, milk and sugar together and pour over the top. top with sprinkling of the brown sugar. Allow to sit and soak in the fridge for a good while. Pop in a hotish oven (180c/gas 6) for 30 minutes or until golden and bubbling. Serve with cold cream.

Enjoy - I'll let you know how it went our end!

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