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Saturday, 1 August 2009

First day of August!

Who would believe it the first day of August and boy has it rained. Everything is sulking in the garden and the courgette is still steadfastly refusing to produce anything I can eat. has felt more like Autumn...talking of which have now added the dates etc of our Life Drawing weekend on the 9th October. Already only 4 places left and demand for more dates. Our tutor is fab and full of experience, knowledge and encouraging. We are also putting on a Christmas Willow Craft day for people to learn how to willow weave decorations for the home and future generations.

Camping last week with the kids and had a truly lovely time messing about, choosing shells, playing rounders and eating outside - Bliss! It reminded me the power of just getting away for a few days without the daily chores and somewhere that is beautiful and quiet. Catch up soon and will add the results of new Carrot Cake recipe (experiment cooling downstairs as we speak).

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