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Wednesday, 14 October 2009

The madness of multi tasking

I am blessed with the ability to multi task pretty effectively and when I say blessed I mean cursed you understand. Instead of seamlessly floating around achieving all the items on a well honed list I hurtle from one half completed task to the next. Who would say that finding the correct items for sports club x 2 could nearly render me simultaniously wordless and howling?? I can feel the very subtle "vrummm" of the accelerator of Christmas as I start to speed up to the inevitable pre festive crisis that will occur after the 3rd performance of the school play when there are only 6 days left before the big day, I have a cold and the kids are so tired and vile they can barely function. Is it just me?
I have therefore decided to have an anti Christmas - one that is just about relaxing with some gratuitous chocolate eating. I am going to avoid the fraught "Food Shop" when I am persuaded, by who the hell knows, to buy enough meat to cause instant heart failure and goose fat??!? I am going to buy gifts ahead so that I don't have palpitations every time I do online banking. I am going to make time to have friends over for low key, home cooked food with no overpriced canapees or miniture bite size Christmas puddings. I am also going to buy a small tree in a pot in order to fit said friends into the sitting room and to replant for next year. In honour of my wonderful Grandma, who we lost last year, I am going to order all my cards from Traidcraft. Finally I am going to ensure that I have lots of time to slouch on the sofa and make Star Wars lego ships, play the really annoying board game someone will inevitably buy one of the boys and ignore the washing up! In the meantime back to the half finished tasks for today....

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