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Monday, 11 January 2010

Chorizo recipe for the cold...

I mentioned a recipe for the cold yesterday and promised to post it! The soup/stew came about by accident but proved delicious and warming and was a hit with the family.

1 onion
2 carrots
1 stick celery and some leaves
chopped bacon/lardons
Tomato puree
tin of chopped toms
1 tin aduki beans
1/2 tin baked beans
2 tbs red lentils
hot water.

I chopped the veg to wanted size and slowly fried in some olive oil in a casserole pan and then added the bacon for a minute or two. Garlic would be fine at this point but not popular with the family - so I left it out. Then I added a tbs of tomato puree and fried off for a minute and added the red lentils and stirred. I chopped up the chrizo into bite size slices and fried too. Then went in the chopped tomatoes and a splash of water and I brought it up to a bubbly simmer. Then I added the aduki beans and baked beans (as had half a tin lurking and couldn't find the canellini). I then let it all simmer gently for about an hour. I had added quite abit of water so it was a very chunky soup that we ate with spoons. Today the leftovers had thickened alot so I added shredded savoy cabbage and we atre with mashed potato - YUM!

I reckon the meal filled 4 for 2 meals at very little cost and covered all the beany lentily options without too much fat and no naties - perfect.

I would love to hear how this went down with you!

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