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Monday, 4 January 2010

Grow Your Own starts now!

Mum has always loved the New Year as the perfect time to settle in front of the fire with a cup of tea and good music (currently Kate Rusby) and go through her seed catalogue and plan the growing for the coming year. I didn't get it. I understood it was a job to do but I didn't appreciate the pleasure of the planning. What to grow, where to grow, shall we try a new variety? How will it cook, will the cat sit on it, will the slugs eat it? Then about 2 years ago - I GOT IT!
My poor garden is struggling under layer upon layer of frost and snow and I'm not sure the grass will ever be the same and so it is hard to imagine the coming summer. But already I am thinking about being more adventurous with the salads, trying peppers in the greenhouse and doing 3 more potato bags than last year. I am also going to fully overhaul the herb bed which has got to be the most unloved herb bed in Staffordshire! I also want to dedicate a small corner to the boys and let them take their own bed from heap of earth to plate. Not sure if you can grow sausages and chips in the ground - but hey they can try!

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