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Monday, 4 January 2010

Happy New Year!

Hello and Happy New Year! Did anyone try the Florenties? We did and they lasted approximately 5 minutes! It has been a shock the the system to get up and motivate the kids and get out of the house before 9. I do love all the ice and sunshine though and hope it bodes well for an amazing spring! The big news at our house is that we now have 2 Guinea Pigs - 2 girls - yes, yes I know what you're going to say - but I'm standing firm and saying there won't be babaies in this hutch!! Either way they are getting the 5 star treatment in the shed and I seem to have very little to put on the compost by way of veg peelings too - the Guineas love them. I have been told that I can put he old bedding onto the compost and it will do wonderful things - so I will keep you posted.
Just 2 places left on the Quilting course and the Grow Your Own Days are filling up so really excited and have started to plan the menus. until next time...x

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