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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Short Breaks in Staffordshire

I have had a couple of weeks of lots of office work and have been thinking lots about how to sell short family breaks to this part of Staffordshire. Sometimes it has felt like rocket science, as if it is the hardest sell of the year but tonight I have been reminded why perfect is in destination Staffordshire!

Staffordshire has a quality of timelessness - where somehow there are great pockets that haven't been swept along in the modern world. When you arrive in Staffordshire you are immediatly struck by the beauty of the countryside. There are rolling hills, dingly dells (as mum would call them) deep valleys and flat moorland. The sky is open and dramatic and you can't help but feel your stress drain away as you come into the county. This corner of the Staffordshire Peak District is particularly special. Its beauty rivals many of the more known destinations in the UK like the Cotswolds and the Dales. You can travel or walk for miles without coming across a pilon or house or busy road. The night light quality is outstanding - so star gazing takes on new dimensions.
The beauty of Staffordshire isn't just in its countryside but in its people too. There is a sense of community that offers a warmth of human spirit often lacking elsewhere. There is a connection with the surrounding country and nature that provides a wise and knowing dialogue and language. It seems that every person is rooted in Staffordshire's history and land. And boy is there history!! The Staffordshire hoard is well documented and reminds us that this part of the UK is rich in its past. The history of pottery, Wedgewood, farming, William Morris, Pugin architecture, canals, great houses - the list goes on, runs right through the county.
So you decide to visit this lovely part of the world - but what will you do - where is it? We are nestled just on the border with Derbyshire within the Peak District and just outside the National Park. We are just 20 minutes from the M6 yet in deeply rural country. Within 10 minutes you will reach historic houses, famous gardens, hidden valleys and breathtaking moorlands. You can walk from the door to eat in award winning cafes and pubs, buy local food and walk along quiet valleys. You will share the secrets of Staffordshire, the people, places and environment.

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jane and henry said...

absolutely true and beautifully written, SimplyStaffordshire. when our guests come to stay with us, (and we're only down the road from you) they are never disappointed with our lovely county.