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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Growing Your Own Yet?

I keep going out in the garden and poking around in the hope that I can really get to work on something significant and pleasing in the garden. Unfortunately the ground is still too hard and there is only a little new growth. I can only see the greenhouse needing a clean up - dull! The greenhouse is calling for me to give it some TLC as there are unwashed pots and old canes and a new broken pane of glass but I want to do something a little more thrilling! I did listen to an episode of Gardener Question Time on Sunday that did talk about the importance of hygiene and washing pots etc as a way of avoiding disease in the new growing year so maybe it is a job I can't avoid?

I do have some rather magnificant purple sprouting brocolli standing proud in my veg patch and although I lost 2 stalks in the heavy snow I reckon we will still feast on them a good few times. There are snowdrops too - according to my diary 2 weeks later than last year. No sign of my hellebores though - just hoping they are just sulking and it's not more terminal...

Plans for this year are lots of potatoes in bags thus leaving more room for interesting veg in the main patch. Finally going for colourful chard this year and maybe a new variety of French bean as well as the usual runners. I am hoping to Willow Craft a new tripod for these to grow up, (check out our courses page for details). I am also going to overhaul my rather dismal herb patch too. It has somehow sunk and has suffered the indignities of repeated footballs being wolloped at it. The snow seems to have really offended my rather young bay tree and the thyme seems to have disppeared completely. I suspect I need to add plenty of roughage and grit and split the demented lemon balm (again!) and the rather overbearing French Tarragon.

In celebration of the New Year and the coming of Spring we are hosting our first "Grow Your Own" day of 2010 at the end of February which should get the creative juices flowing! Just hoping for slightly warmer weather so we don't huddle too much in the shed eating cake!

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