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Monday, 29 March 2010

Staffordshire spring is sprung!

I just love this time of year! It is so exciting seeing the buds and flowers emerging from all the brown and grey. The clocks have gone forward and, although a little tired today when the alarm went of at 7am (really 6!), it was a thrill that it was still light after I had out the boys to bed. It is at this time of year I sneak outside after their bedtime and have a moments peace to look over the garden and pootle about picking weeds and checking emerging perennials. Above all it's the smell! You know that unmistakeable smell of spring and hope. A winter like this has been long and dark and I am frankly finished with hibernation and warming suppers - bring on salads and gardening!

So.. the garden. The potatoes are chitting ready to be ceremonially planted into bags on Good Friday and the purple sprouting brocolli is sprouting! I have emptied my mature compost onto the raised beds which I have now turned into 4 smaller beds intstead of 2 big ones. We have taken down the last remaining conifer so light now floods the back of the garden. I also made an attempt to sort out the greenhouse but have lost another 2 panes of glass that need replacing. I amm also planning the big overhaul of the front garden. Currently it is the typical front garden of too much lawn and too little planting! I plan a smaller piece of grass with deep hot beds for grasses and herbs. We are also going to plant a new native tree to replace the old conifer monster so that we can enjoy blossom and autumn colour without blocking light.

Staffordshire is looking particularly gorgeous too - the hedgerows are teeming with life and narcissi are nodding in the wind. Alton Towers has opened its new ride but as always there are so many other things to be doing too! Sudbury Hall Museum of Childhood has a fab (& free) new woodland playground and there are numerous Easter events for the holidays. There is also a new set of events at Emma Bridgwater for the Easter hols. Check out our website for places to visit and things to do. Also coming up are "Grow Your Own" courses and "Garden Willow Craft" - http://www.simplystaffordshire.co.uk/breaks.php

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