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Sunday, 11 April 2010

A Successful Staffordshire Tea

On such a gorgeous weekend, I wanted to share my recipe for tea this evening, which went down a storm!
Sausages and roasted veg etc...
2 or 3 large potatoes cut into wedges (or some nice new ones if they are in)

a courgette sliced

a couple of red peppers sliced

2 red onions wedged


garlic ( as you like)

12 really good sausages

some chorizo slices (I had some to use up)

cherry tomatoes

Use a large roasting tin and add all the veg apart from the cherry tomatoes. cover with a dollop of olive oil and the rosemary and garlic. Then place the sausages on top and put into a hottish oven (180/200).
After about 30 minutes give it all a move about and add the cherry toms. Put back into a slightly hotter oven until everything is cooked and charred at the edges. I served this as it was in the middle of the table for family to find what they fancied and served it with some Purple Sprouting Brocolli from the garden - slightly smug as first of the crop!!
I hope you enjoy and let me know how it went!


Angela said...

Sounds lovely, I do enjoy roasted vegetables, I will have to give it a try. Unfortunately I dont have any purple sprouting brocolli growing in my garden though.

Angela said...

This recipe has been a hit with my family, I even cooked it for my Mum when she visited from Spain and has taken the recipe home with her.
Tonight, I experimented a bit with it, using pork and leek sausages I substituted the courgettes with more leeks and substituted the chorizo slices with black pudding. Another resounding success.
There are so many possibilities with this maybe adding chilli to give it a kick for a winter warmer,
I can see this being a good stand by meal for many months to come.
Thank you