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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Summer Loving in Staffordshire

Not entirely sure why I thought of that title, but did watch a re run of Grease a couple of days ago - so...

The sun has really done its thing today and I got thinking about all the fab things there are to do in the Staffordshire Peak District. As one of the least known counties in the UK, Staffordshire suffers from such faint praise as being "near Derbyshire", " where Alton Towers is" or "is that Stoke On Trent?". Not that any of those things are bad just so far from the real big picture!

I went to the physio with my eldest son this morning and was able to point out the beautiful church in Cheadle that was designed by the bloke who did the House of Commons (Pugin) and I was able to point out the woods where the bluebells will be in a week or so. We drove through gorgeous sunny lanes looking over hazy fields just coming to life at the early hour and watch calves and lambs in the fields. It was one of those moments whne you are struck by the beauty around you.

I offer holidays and courses to people every day and invite people to discover Staffordshire for the unspoilt countryside and sence of discovery they will feel. Yet, I sometimes under sell it. I live here and familiarity breeds forgetfulness! Hollington Bank on a sunny day could be Tuscany minus a few degrees. Dimmingsdale has the feel of Hobbit land on misty Autumn mornings. The old Churnet railway line has such a deserted beauty to it you feel like you've stepped into an Enid Blyton novel. The rugged landscape as you drive over to the Roaches is breathtaking.

Staffordshire is a treasure to behold and so much more than a theme park and potteries. Staying here for a short break will take you back to a time in your life when it was slower and more care free. You will enjoy great local food and the warmest hospitality. You will be able to return home knowing you were somewhere special and that will stay with you. For your short break this Summer or Autumn visit www.simplystaffordshire.co.uk. To learn more about Staffordshire and what is going on here please just follow and get your friends to too!

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