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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

May in Staffordshire!!

I absolutely love May! It is a time in the year when you can really begin to believe that summer is coming & my garden starts to look really lovely. Being the haphazard gardener I am May is actually its best month too. I really need to make more of some pink & hot colours for July onwards. Anyway... May. I have a fab wusteria that my Dad bought us when we moved to the house. It has grown to be the centre piece of my garden and something that is loaded with memories and love. Number 2 child was born in May in a heatwave - yes hard to believe I know - and I remember just sitting under the blooms and gazing at him in a happy, sleep deprived fog. There is a sweet smell and an annual miracle that nature can make such a great blue colour. The pic isn't mine unforunately but I promise pics of mine next week when it's on top form.
I also love to see the seedlings peeping their heads out in the greenhouse. Each day is a treat to see what has popped out overnight and what is growing on happily - beans today! Surprising too as I thought that there simply hasn't been enough heat so far this year. I also have a gorgeous clematis that flowers just ourtside the kitchen at this time and it's short lived joy is always a fave.

As I mentioned too - it's Birthday time too. This week it is therefore chocolate cake (LARGE!) with (get this) blue icing. There is an associated blue football team to be honoured by this and it is important that a 6th Birthday isn't troubled by style and grace! I am going to try an experiment as far as the recipe goes, so that it is good & chocolatey for the grown ups but firm enough to withstand a party bag - so will let you know. I have managed to get some lovely paper party bags too at a great price so no nasty plastic being thrown away. The table decorations will be old wallpaper lining pinned to the table and a big box of felt tips for the children to do their artistic thing!
Things to do in May in Staffordshire - Willow weaving, Eating Out, Walking, Picnics!!

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Angela said...

May is my favourite month(and my 2nd child is a May baby too although at 20 years I guess he isn't a baby anymore) so I am loving this post. We haven't got a wisteria but they are stunning plants and the scent is heavenly.
Enjoy your chocolate cake!