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Thursday, 24 June 2010

Autumn Break in Staffordshire?

Trentham Gardens
I shouldn't be thinking about the Autumn yet but it is sometimes easy to hurl through the lovely days of summer and forget that it might be good to have a special treat lined up for September. September is a particualr fave month of mine as I was married then and had my first in that month so I'm very keen on the smells, colours and countryside at that time of year.
You might guess that I would say you'll find the best of that here in Staffordshire - but you will! The sun is still warm to enjoy the garden and views and walking along deserted paths and fields is as easy as pie. There is still time then to enjoy the thrills of Alton Towers and enjoy a picnic but crucially without quite so many folk about!! I think for me my top ten places to visit when staying in Staffordshire at that time of year would be:

  1. Dimmingsdale & Ramblers Retreat (see pic)
  2. Trentham Estate
  3. Sudbury Hall
  4. Alton Towers (without the crowds)
  5. Dovedale
  6. Ashbourne
  7. Chatsworth
  8. Leek Fine Food Market
  9. Denstone Farm Shop
  10. Tittesworth Resevoir

Ooh but struggling to choose so may well come up with a new list tomorrow! So if any of that takes your fancy and a short break with a warm welcome and home comforts in Staffordshire and on special offer is something you want to do - then check out our site and we will sort it all out for you - Simplystaffordshire.com.

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