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Friday, 30 July 2010

Summer Recipes

Oh yes the summer hols have started and all has gone a little wild - the kids are off school so I can't keep up with the firdge refilling jobs, the kids are off school so I can't keep up with the admin (except at midnight) and the kids are off school so I now wade through toys, clothes and empty crisp packets to get to the kitchen...however... the kids are off school so I can ask them to water the veges, clean out the guinea wigs and make the odd lunch!!

Making the most of the summer and local produce, I have been enjoying the first of my courgettes simply fried with a little olive oil and garlic and tossed though some pasta with parmesan and creme fraiche. I have also made an effort to entertain friends and have some fun too! I have made a Strawberry pavlova for tonight and thought I would share the recipe with you...
4 egg whites (fresh, free range and local)
8 ozs golden castor sugar
1 tsp cornflour
a tiddle of vanilla essence
local whipping cream
fruit of choice (strawberries from farm up the road for me!)
Separate the eggs and whip the white to stiff peaks. Add a tablespoon of the sugar at a time whipping thouroughly between additions. To test that the sugar has dissolved, I dip a finger in and taste if there is any grittyness to the mixture. This may take some time - but enjoy with some good music and summery thoughts. Once you have whipped all the sugar into the eggs, you should have a glossy, stiff, white mixture. Add the vanilla essence and cornflour at this stage and beat in.
Pu the eggs whites onto a try with baking parchment and swirl into a round shape with a dip in the middle and cook at 130 degrees for an hour and a half. If you have time turn off the ovena nd leave overnight to cool or just take out and cool. The faster you cool it the more it will crack - but I don't mind that.
Add lashings of cream and top with fruit and serve!
It seems to me this is a summer pudding on a plate and here's hoping all will enjoy at tonights BBQ (it has just started raining making it a truly British BBQ - yey)

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Blissful Mum said...

Pavlova's one of my favourites - your recipe sounds delicious and very summery! Great to have found your blog and look forward to following you! Helen