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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Birthday Trifle!

It was No:1 son's Birthday yesterday, which he shares with my Mum so old fashioned Birthday tea party is what we always do! To set the scene...we have white table cloths, tea service, a Birthday cake each, trifle and egg sarnies with the crusts cut off. There is tea, lemonade and wine on offer and happy chaos.

Anyway the trifle yesterday was the best yet and one of those that seemed to come effortlessly for a change so I thought I would share the recipe...

Raspberry Trifle

raspberries (out of season for me so I used frozen from earlier in the year)

lemon sponge (again un iced cupcakes I'd frozen earlier)

custard made to a soft consistency

whipping cream

cassis or good blackcurrant cordial (depending on who's eating!!)

I realise that raspberries aren't in season as such but I had frozen from earlier in the year so a slightly juicy mush was absolutely perfect on this occasion. I had also had a slightly rubbish batch of lemon cupcakes that had been too dense to be a cupcake proper, so I had frozen them with an eye to them being a trifle some day. Break up the sponge into the botton of a deepish bowl and pour over the raspberries and squish down. I think you may need more liquid so a little cassis or good cordial (NOT low sugar!!) can be poured on too at this stage. I then leave the base for a few hours in the fridge. Then make up a batch of custard either very properly, with powder or from a carton but ensure that the set will be soft. Pour over the fruity base and leave for a good few hours or overnight in the fridge. At the last moment whip whipping cream to give a good layer on the top. I use whipping as it has a lovely light feeling that compliments the soft custard and fruit. Feel free to decorate with almond slices or fresh fruit - we didn't get that far - we just got stuck in! As with all good trifles the consistency needs to be soft and unctuous and be somewhat of a mess in the bowl...let me know how yours turns out.

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