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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

An Autumn Walk in Staffordshire

I have always loved walking and enjoy a good trudge across stiles and fields with views to reward you at the top, but I realise that I have opened up a whole new world having a dog to take too! As the children have grown out of buggies and very small legs, it has been easier to walk a tad further and with less whinging but the four legged variety has really got me moving! The boys will now manage a good Peak District walk - maybe up to the top of the Roaches or around the hills above Dovedale but we are largely having to keep Stan the dog on a lead. Closer to home we have found a great round trip that takes us up over Stubwood and behind Denstone College with open views as far as the eye can see. This morning was no exception as the sun shone over the Weaver Hills under bright blue skies. There was that wonderful musty Autumn smell and a good breeze to blow the cobwebs away. Best of all we can let Stan the dog off the lead there at the moment so you get entertainment thrown in as he hurls round in circles. If you were going to make it a longer walk you could start over in Alton, on Nabb Lane and take the footpath across the fields to Denstone College and back down to Stubwood. Alternatively you could simply walk from Denstone village on College Road, follow the footpath through the fields and the back of the College itself and drop across the Stubwood. Turn left and follow the road back into Denstone and finish of with a cup of tea and cake at Denstone Hall Farm Shop.

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Lisa Marie Olson said...

Oooo sounds absolutely wonderful, could do with a lovely walk right now... alas much to do.