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Friday, 19 November 2010

Holidays are coming!

What a week! I know it's not original to say - but I can't believe it's Friday and only 5 weeks to Christmas. As I walked to school tonight, I overheard a Mum saying that she'd bought all her pressies and was sorted except for food and I had a little shiver...aaahhh! To top it all I then found out it was our Village switch on tonight - which I am sure is a week earlier than last year. It is a lovely event - lots of excited children and mulled wine and Christmas music out of a slightly dodgy sound system. Then the big count down and the lights failing a minute... then yey! We then get dragged into the village hall for mince pies, raffles and stalls and I start to feel panicky again that this of all places is the first place I have bought gifts...
Then I remembered my good friend the internet and I am planning a sit down with the laptop, a glass of wine and a good browse now to do my shopping. Oh the wonders of modern technology and I don't need to face the crowds. Here are some of my recommendations...
Simply Staffordshire Shop - for all things made in Staffordshire by small and independent makers.
Colloco - beautiful shop based in Leek, Staffordshire, stocking lots of design favourites and eco stuff too!
Emma Bridgwater - needs no introduction, but just to let you know it is all still made in Stoke and by locals!
Burleigh Pottery - again made in Stoke and beautiful with lots of ideas for all the family or for those who don't like spots!

I hope you enjoy a spot of shopping at these sites - please leave a comment or share the local information!
Em xx

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