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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Royal Wedding and stuff...

I have had a day in the office today and have really noticed that winter feeling as I turn blue in front of the screen! Time to hunt out the electric heater so I am not heating the whole house for the benefit of me in the smallest room! I had a fabulous walk first thing, with Stan the dog, and as my hair actually froze with droplets of foggy dew/ice I was thinking about how easy it is to lose some of the optimism of the Summer when things feel abundant and warm and positive. It was a moment of shift as I realised I needed to wise up it is November and time for soup, warm coffee, lit fires and proper socks. I also realised that I need to sort out the glove and hat basket in the hall before I lose my hair in yet another "where are your gloves??" row before school.
Anyway...I came home and made the coffee and started to work and the news came over Twitter that there'll be a Royal Wedding next summer... and it got me thinking...
This is a chance for some good news, some planning and some celebrating! It seems to me that Staffordshire and Stoke are absolutely primed and ready to provide all the British made commemorative mugs and plates you could possible wish for! This is the time when locally made, British made and optimism can shine and we can start to take real pride in what this country can produce and create. Not to get political about things...it has been the most dismal of times when all we hear is that misery is all that is on the menu and that our country is frankly rubbish. I feel a change coming and hope that on the back of a love story, we can embrace all that is fab about our local areas, crafts and producers...and I still maintain Staffordshire is a perfect place for a hen do!

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