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Thursday, 27 January 2011

A Short Break in the Staffordshire Peak District

I thought these images would be tempting and represent all you might need from a short break in the Staffordshire Peak District! A lovely view over the hills, a welcome cup of tea, a walk to see some spring daffs and hot toast & our home made blackcurrant jam at tea time!

As I walked Stan the dog this morning it was possible, despite the biting wind, to see that spring is on its way. The sun is just a little higher in the sky and yesterday was just a little warmer on the face. The catkins are now bursting on the trees and the birds are noisy and busy in the hedges getting ready new nests and finding food. I saw a Magnolia tree in someone's garden with new buds peeping out and snowdrops and crocus tips a good inch high out of the ground. All these signs are full of hope and planning and one feels it's time to dare to dream of warmer days and colour. My mind turned to planting seeds and planning crops and guests discovering Staffordshire this spring. What is new for them this year? What can I point out to them and how can I help them get the most out of their break?

Rowan House has a new sofa, TV and newly refurbished flower beds in the garden. Bedrooms will be redecorated soon and there's lots of new walks and adventures in our walking information corner from Treasure Trails in Staffordshire. Staffordshire is offering a new Ben 10 ride at Drayton Manor and there are new features at Trentham Gardens. Leek has a new Museum (The Nicholson) and there are new Cookery Courses for those who fancy a foody day on their holiday. Snowdrop walks at Rode Hall and Dorothy Clive Garden can be enjoyed while those with a passion to shop can buy Royal Wedding mugs direct from the makers at Emma Bridgewater.

Booking a short break in Staffordshire is easy and there's never a shortage of things to do for all the family so take a peek and book today...here.

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