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Thursday, 24 February 2011

A day out in Staffordshire...

Blimey it's been nearly 3 weeks since I last blogged! Slack - I am sorry. However I have been moved to write today as it was the first day of spring today - in my world anyway.

So it started with a different smell in the air and the weather men saying things like "warm" and "sunny" and "only nice day of the half term". That was all I needed - friends phoned up, picnic made, car packed with four outfits each ( we were planning Leek guys) and most important flask filled. Kids in & we were off.

It never fails to take my breath away as you head up onto the moors of Staffordshire - you can see for miles around and there is a certain romance and beautiful bleakness that is so special. What was so great today was there was also warmth on your face! We headed to Tittesworth Resevoir under the glorious Roaches. This is an ideal day out if you have slightly younger children although all ours ranged from 5 to 12. There is something for all - great walking round the lake, good playground, posh new loos (if that's your thing) and somewhere for hot tea & cake. We arrived at 11ish and did have to dig deep for new car park charge (£4!!!). We found a large picnic table and settled for a cuppa with one of the most fab views around of the Roaches sitting above us! Really that was it...we sat and enjoyed a knatter, a view and a cuppa and all offspring were happy. We followed this with lunch, a second lunch and then a third and headed off for a walk around the lake. We didn't get all the way round (could take you all day) but there are interesting interludes of some willow art and info/bird watching etc.
In these days of empty purses it was a cheap and effective day out that left all generations satisfied. I felt a rush of love for the place I live and a sense of pleasure that so many other visitors seemed to be enjoying it too. As the days are still short, we kept our visit quite short, but on longer days a visit up to the rock faces or a trip onto the lake would be a great addition to the day. If you were going wild on a day out - you could even finish the day in Leek at the pub or enjoying a good curry.
Go Staffordshire...you rock...

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Andrew Davies said...

Hi Nice to see a fellow staffs bod with an interest in food (amongst all your other interest).
Looks like you've rambled across most of the county, can you recommend anywhere we can take the dog and let him off the lead, other than the Downs Banks near stone and Hanchurch Woods. Oh we're in Stoke by the way.
Oooh if you like swapping recipes have a gander at my blog (Potteries foodie in case this doesn't give you a link)