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Monday, 21 March 2011

Easter in Staffordshire

Wow - the sun is warm today! Really a beautiful early spring day. The washing is on the line, the birds are going mad and there are scented Narcissi bobbing in the breeze. There has been a frenzy of activity this weekend as it feels that hibernation has suddenly come to an end. I had a good "go" at the herb bed which has been bullied for too long by a rampant Lemon Balm and dug out a Bay Tree that couldn't do the Winter gales. The cold frame is now full with trays of chard, purple sprouting, beetroot & cabbage. The greenhouse is now an incubator for french beans, tomatoes, parsley, basil, rocket & the first lettuce...I need a lie down!
It is a joy to see the hedgerows full of wild violets, catkins, crocus & the beginnings of wild garlic. There are lambs in the field and the pheasants are everywhere. It is the perfect time to discover the countryside of Staffordshire and the Staffordshire Peak District as the days are longer, the sun is warm and it's peaceful. Walking around the fields of North Staffordshire at this time of year really connects you with the land and makes you feel part of the Spring awakening. You can take in the Farmers Markets of Lichfield and Leek and we have already had our first picnic of the year...soup, cake and tea!
Easter is still available at Rowan House - we are booked out for the rest of the month but I think folks are thinking that Easter away may be an extravagance...no it isn't!
Our Easter Special is indeed special...we are offering family accommodation with beautiful views over fields and a quiet garden full of herbs (for the chefs among you) and a free Easter basket full of local goodies...milk from the farmer up the road, bread from local bakers, Hammersleys of Cheadle, free range eggs from Ashbourne, home made cake, tea, coffee & sugar (Fair trade)...all for less than £80 per person for the week...visit Simply Staffordshire today before it goes and we'll see you in sunny Staffordshire!

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