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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Eco Cleaning for tourism businesses!

I have neglected my Blog - sorry! I had a fabulous day yesterday so now seemed the time to get typing again. I was asked by Felicity from lovely Hoegrange Holidays in the Peak District to do a workshop on eco cleaning for a group of Peak District accommodation owners - something I have done before for various groups. I was invited to give the workshop at Beechenhill Farm, just outside the beautiful village of Ilam - wow! What a beautiful place. Having been brought up in the area and having spent many an hour playing in the river & enjoying picnics, I thought I had seen all the good views...I hadn't.

Award winning and run by the inspiring Sue Prince, Beechenhill now offers eco weddings alongside their holiday accommodation and the position is very special - a haven of peace & quiet. Their newly converted barn is a beautiful spot, with twinkly lights, good food and warm flagged floor!

The workshop was delivered to help accommodation owners gain confidence and knowledge when creating their green businesses. It can be daunting to convert all your cleaning practices to green options overnight and the trial & error nature of the change can be expensive and wasteful. Yesterday was an opportunity to discuss problems, top tips, troubleshooting and how to communicate to your guests about your policy. When using eco products for the first time it is easy to overspend and feel disappointed by the results.

When you have been using conventional cleaners, it is important to remember that your eco replacements won't bubble as much, they won't smell as strongly and they won't always be quite as quick. In a limited time, you can simply plan, prepare and use essential oils to get the fresh & clean result you want for your guests.

My advice was to start small and swop just one product at a time and get good at it before moving to the next step. It is easy to feel the need to buy lots of different products for each & every job e.g. a bathroom cleaner, a loo cleaner, a kitchen cleaner, a polish etc etc but really, once you find a good product, you can often use it for many of the different jobs in the house.

When using eco cleaners in business it needs to be cost effective and effective and I recommend buying in bulk and reducing the range you use. I also never underestimate the usefulness of vinegar & bicarb or soda. There are so many jobs & problems that can be solved with these 2 essential items and when owners only have a few hours to turn a holiday cottage round for the next guests - troubleshooting advice is great!

I want to say a big thank you to everyone who made me so welcome and I'm already looking forward to another workshop in the Autumn.

For workshop details and further information, please feel free to contact me through the website...www.simplystaffordshire.co.uk or email: hello@simplystaffordshire.co.uk


John said...

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Lisa Marie Olson said...

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