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Monday, 6 June 2011

Simply Staffordshire goes to Chelsea!

I know it's been over a week but my intention was always to tell you (bore you with) everything about a day out at Chelsea Flowers Show! Although I love to talk everything Staffordshire, I also love all things gardening, flowers and scents.
The day started well....after "meeting" my new friend at Stafford Station on Twitter I was able to get on the train early, on time and within budget direct to Euston. I can recommend this station for being friendly, having great coffee, a car park at a reasonable price a few feet away and good choice of mags & papers at the kiosk!
Arriving in London is always a shock & it is easy to feel like the proverbial country bumpkin - you step off the train and are simply swept away by the pace and people all heading in one direction. I think stopping to tie a shoe lace is simply not an option! I quickly pulled myself together got urban and found my way to Chelsea with 2 changes and 3 tube stations...
What happened next is simply flowers really and glorious gardens. What can I say except that I floated around in my own happy world people watching, garden watching and celeb watching. I thought the gardens were amazing and especially liked the floral pavilion - the smell!
Things I liked less was the seeming lack of any recycling facilities for people's rubbish despite it being billed as a green Chelsea and the lack of variety of stalls & shops...rather a lot samey stuff (rusty hearts, bells, obelisks etc etc). The exception to this was of course the fabulous Patchacuti - selling their beautiful Fairtrade hats. Carry had created a lovely stall which seemed to be always full and was the reason I got to be at Chelsea at all - so a big thank you.
Here are some of my favourite pictures of the day and look out for the fabulous Burleigh pottery next to the Morris Minor...

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