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Sunday, 14 August 2011

The Big Staffordshire Recipe Swap!

Simply Staffordshire have a stand at the fabulous Just So Festival next weekend - we have a gallery area where we are showing off some fabulous local art & crafts. There's a fab competition for the kids (& the big kids!) based around a Staffordshire map and the launch of the Big Staffordshire Recipes swap!
We know that recipes are a favourite topic and I get emails asking me about local specialities and so we are asking visitors to the Festival to note their favourite recipe down and we will add it to our stand for others to copy and swap. The best recipe over the 2 days will then be published on our site. There will be crayons for added illustrations and colour and lots of pegs to hang them up.
So what is your favourite recipe and would you like to share and swap them? Is there a special recipe handed down from Granny or a super local one with a funny name? Have you adapted a classic for a frugal family tea or are you looking for a recipe to recreate from a long savoured memory?
We are really looking forward to seeing these fave recipes and if you want to join in but can't be at the Festival - simply leave yours on the comments below and we will print them and add them to the list.

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