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Monday, 26 September 2011

September Promise

September is full of promise, full of ideas and plans. It feels that, even thought you may not have to adhere to the school calendar anymore, there is a new beginning in the offing, new hope and a fresh start. It seems we are in for that rare treat this week too - an Indian Summer. Warmth on our faces and beautiful colours to help us celebrate.
This is my favourite time of year (at least until spring when I shall go on about that again). Despite the farewell waves to summer, somehow there is opportunity written all over this season. There is beauty in the trees and bounty in the hedgerows. There is a chance to clear out and settle down, the chance to be a little slower and less hectic. I love to bottle, stew, pickle, bake & jam. I like to think of using a rainy weekend to redecorate or clear out. Somehow dog walking takes on a new meaning as you watch the season change hour by hour and the cobweb blowing of a blustery day is therapy in itself. New pencil case smell & planning pumpkin designs & fetching out the wellies.
This may seem an overly sentimental view of Autumn but it has a serious back story. Us humans have very busy summers. We bustle and rush, do and dash - which feels great in the sunshine and long, light days - but we can't sustain that speed. We need to hibernate a little. We need to slow and care for ourselves. I relish this chance to cook a little slower, to pootle about more. I think it is an essential part of the years cycle.
It is also a time in which I like to learn. Traditionally a time to enrol in a course or new skill workshop, darker evenings in which to fill with new ideas. This might be something academic like a new language or a maths exam you never quite passed before or it might be a chance to take up painting, sewing, planning a garden or making the perfect cake. 

Whatever your plans for this Autumn, I hope it's full of September promise and I hope that Staffordshire plays its part too - whether you simply read about it or plan a visit here - see you again!

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