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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Visiting Uttoxeter

This is something I have been doing for many years and really have spent a lot of time ignoring my surroundings and popping to the bank. It has had a reputation for losing its cattle market, having lots of charity shops (not bad in itself but the implication being diversity of shopping opportunity has been restricted.) The market itself has gone through many changes and there have been parking problems in the centre of the town as well as a big Tesco on the outskirts. However...I decided to visit this local market town with a fresh pair of eyes and step into the shoes of a new visitor. I was pleasantly surprised....

Uttoxeter is a proper Midlands market town, with a mix of architecture and shops, cafes and people. Despite its wobbly move into the 21st century, it is emerging as a destination experience. There are several really lovely cafes and coffee shops including the traditional Birds Cafe, the very successful Indulgence and the new Vintage Tea Emporium. All offer great options for a sit down, natter and meeting place for friends.

There are also some great gift shop that mean that it is a good place to visit for something special. Helen Louise has a range of lovely smellies, home gifts and baby wear - and fabulous customer service to boot. Daisy Chain is new and offering well priced home wear and gifts with a range that is ever changing and always a treat to look at. Emma's Cook Store is one of those wonderful kitchen Emporiums that sell every gadget and treat for the cook & baker. I bought some great Union Jack cupcake holders! 

There are also the staples that make a visit to Uttoxeter a success for those of you who have a list of jobs to do...a WHSmiths, a Wilkos, a Boots, good Optitions, Butchers, Card shops and banks etc etc. The parking is in fact not a problem and pretty cheap (60p for an hour) and places are ok to find even on a Wednesday and Friday (main market days)

So...pay a visit and say I sent you - you may be surprised and all those independent shops need your support.

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NYR Organic Staffordshire/Derbyshire said...

I would also recommend people look up & stop to take time to look at some of the wonderful architecture that is in Uttoxeter as well too, as so expertly shown in your photos.