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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Wishing you a very local Christmas...

Christmas is a very special time and for me a time to think about your community as a whole. Whether this is by shopping for those who can't get out, carol singing for charity or clearing snowy paths for the infirm. I think there is another way to think of your community too in the lead up to Christmas. Buying locally is not a new concept, indeed I wrote about it last Christmas, but it is especially important at this time of year. At a time when we are all spending more and when we are looking for that special Christmas feel, buying from someone local can help you get that feeling. You are supporting your local economy, community and giving a gift that is more than likely not found on the high street. In business terms, you are also helping support the economy as they move into the difficult early months of the New Year.
I think there is another dimension to this and largely what prompted me to write this post. I think buying from charity shops, upcycling old items and even making hand made gifts is wonderful. Encouraged by Facebook campaigns and Kirsty Allsopp, we can all have a go at making and buying gifts that are truly personal and unique. If your making abilities aren't up to the grade or your time is limited, then visiting local craft fairs and Christmas Markets will ensure you find the gift you want. There are so many fabulous people making beautiful things and you can buy in the comfort of knowing that your spend stays local! You could also try local courses to help you learn how to make beautiful gifts...you support local again and you gain a new skill - everyone's a winner. 
There is another great reason too for keeping it local...no more horrible multi story car parks...no more expensive petrol usage...no more grumpy faces and squashing crowds...convinced yet?

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