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Monday, 20 February 2012

Shrove Tuesday is sprung!

This is the week folks! This is the week that you can start to smell spring in the air, plan for Easter, see off the back of deep winter - yey! It all starts with Shrove Tuesday and if you are lucky enough this week - it will end with warm weather and new shoots. Pancake Day is a ritual in our house and involves pancakes for all courses at tea and lots of them. As Ashbourne, home to the original Shrovetide celebrations, is only just over the border, Shrove Tuesday is kinda important in these parts. 
Friends are invited, eggs are sought from all available local hens, pints and pints of milk are involved as are lemons, sugar, ice cream, Golden Syrup, sauces, apples, bananas, etc etc. As mentioned before, all courses have to be pancake based but this year we are going Staffordshire Oatcakes for the savoury bit. Traditionally, it will be Oatcakes rolled like canelloni and filled with tuna, sweetcorn and cheese sauce, baked in the oven. 
It is such a special time the start to look forward to Spring. I can see snowdrops, crocus, shoots on the trees and over wintered purple sprouting is nearly ready for picking in the veg patch. When I walk Stan the dog, I can hear the birds are busy, the hedgerows are teeming with activity and there the grey of deep winter is beginning to take on a hue of green.. Best of all it is light until half 5 - a real treat time to peek round the garden to see what is going on and emerging.
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