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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

New Year Intentions

It has been a busy time since Christmas...weather, lists, routine, weather....and I have been trying to focus on my intentions for 2013. One of them is to sort out my blogging habits! I love to Blog but often forget to tell you about what we have been up to or simply assume it won't be of interest. So...2013 will see more blog posts with more everyday happenings in the world of Simply Staffordshire. 
It might be a recipe, a walk, an idea, a success, a challenge, a minor rant or just ramblings...but hopefully it will give you a better feel of Simply Staffordshire, its members, passions, people and places.
For you business folk out there you can visit our Business Blog to find out what workshops we are offering and the support we give to independent business.

We are applying for a Business Award in the Community Engagement category. Yikes! Feels like a big piece of homework that I keep re working and fiddling with! It made me have a good think about what sort of engagement we engage with. We offer free membership to local charities and not for profits. This means they can operate & celebrate on a level playing field and enjoy the same benefits as all our members without the cost. Not only are charities short on cash  at the mo, but they can teach us so much about event planning, innovation as well as the causes they talk about. The stand out independent businesses we celebrate can  offer their support too - either corporate sponsorship, referrals or business support or simply helping spreading the word. 

Anyway...deadline looming, I better get to it!


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