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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Sunday Sunshine in Staffordshire

What a week of weather - I realise that this is not an original subject but we as humans, we tend to ride on the tide of the changing seasons, weather and atmosphere we are in. Allowing yourself to go with the flow of the weather means that we can really live in the moment in which we are presented at any one time. We can wallow in the energy, light and feeling of each day and night that comes and, for me, this feels like a privilege. I can then appreciate each day even if it is cold, grey and wet, knowing that spring days will come and that it is necessary for wildlife, flora and fauna to have dark days to enjoy light days to their full.

I am getting poetic, but I am positive that if we allow ourselves to be appreciative and thankful for everyday we are happier folks. I am no expert in always living in the moment and do tend to spend this time of year making plans and looking to the future. This week has been so busy with work and hectic in its pace, so to help myself switch off I have been dreaming of my veg patch plans and my office BIG MOVE!

Yes, I am moving my office from the house to the shed...not just a shed, but a new home for my business, a space for inspiration, peace and quiet and with a view over my garden and veg patch. Thus tidying up and improving the veg patch project goes hand in hand so there is no upset to my newly found serenity!!

My imaginings are taking me to a place of vintage fabrics, streamlined filing, quite a big dollop of girlyness but not too much clutter and an inspiring view of my pest free, abundant, weed free vegetables (like something in Monty's garden)....are you getting a picture?

So today feels like the first day of planning. The sun is out and for the first time in weeks, we can see the green fields, new shoots and feel some warmth on our faces. Snowdrops have been undeterred by the heavy snow and have simply sat waiting for their moment, without fuss or panic. The Hellebores are doing the same....happy to wait, knowing their show will be appreciated by all. As the project progresses...I may share some pics and you can see how my day dreamy plans come together and Spring springs.


No Doong said...

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Country Cushions by Denise said...

With you on the weather! In Staffs Moorlands I had to take out the pick axe so that I could free my track from ice thus allowing the little car to safely descend to the lane below us. Yesterday I was having lessons from my partner on the use of a chainsaw so that I could log wood up to keep us warm using the open fire as the central heating has decided to be a bit temperamental just as it's arctic conditions outside! No snow drops dare to raise their pretty heads yet!

Leigh said...

This on and off weather has to stop. Bank holiday Monday looks like it is going to be golden. Can't wait!
Leigh, Standon