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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Mother's Day workings...

Although I am not one to buy into the pink glittery special days created by card companies and supermarkets, I do really like to to take time out to honour all the special women in our lives that have served to mother us and nurture us. I am a daughter, a sister, a business woman, an auntie, a niece, a grand daughter, daughter in law and a Mum myself. I am always reminded of the impact all these relationships have had on me and how they have shaped the person I am today. Although not always easy or straight forward, always a learning experience and always valuable.
Every generation has had its challenges and struggles - war, poverty, illness and more and I sometimes think the challenge for today's Mums of around my 4 decade age is how to balance all the balls we juggle. I absolutely believe that women should have as many choices as men, that women are capable of anything they put their minds to. I think though, that the reality of our modern, have it all society, can be crushingly difficult, exhausting and painful. As girls of the 80's, we were told we only had to work hard and we could have everything - a job, career, children, families, beauty and longevity. As women of today we know that isn't the whole story.
Please don't mistake this as a whinge....it surely isn't, but a reflection of the reality of many today in the UK. I have chosen to run my own business because I knew that my pre children corporate career was completely incompatible to a home life and a secure & safe home for kids. I have chosen this path to be flexible, be there for the kids and the family while forging a work life that I love and that will fill my days when my kids don't any more. This flexibility is a giggle though...as I am not sure I have a girlfriend who doesn't do the lions share of the home stuff (food, meals, washing, arranging dentist appointments, worming the dog etc....). Even today of all day's I have a sickly offspring that threatens to completely turn my working day on its head tomorrow. I breath & say this is why I am self employed....
On top of this normal calendar chaos is the helpful media impression that as we hit 40, we also hit our sexual peek & beauty. We shine a confident, mature, inner peace glow...lose the greys, cellulite, run for miles, eat no carbs & still have time for girlie nights away. Um......
What keeps me going is that I am wholey imperfect, slightly grey, prone to panic and calendar meltdowns, have moments when I feel no older than 18 and certainly haven't got a grip on my work life balance. I try to take each day as it comes and totally rely on the women I love for support.

In business, I find that women are great at networking and most are great at sharing their knowledge, time and help. Women are innovative and forward thinking and often good at challenging the status quo. They can be resilient and tough with an ability to multi task like no other. I realise I am like many other working Mums...fraught, happy, exhausted, innovative, tough, fulfilled, panicky, chaotic, focussed, control freaky, disorganised, smiley, loved, hopeless, workaholic, passionate, persistent, plump, fit, busy and brainless...usually all in the same day!
Happy Mother's Day to all those mums out there working hard, getting it right, getting it wrong and more than anything not being perfect.

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