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Sunday, 11 August 2013

The very best of Staffordshire - Soiree Food meets Forestside & Tinkers Bells...

Wow - it has been a while since I last blogged. We have been very busy with the launch of our brand new directory search options making it even easier for you to find great places, people, businesses, workshops and places to stay in Staffordshire. Not only that, but it will let you create a network of top local businesses that you can call upon to create a great event, holiday, celebration and much more.

To inspire you, please read on to this guest blog from one of our hand picked members, Soiree Food, who recently worked with two of our other members to create a fabulous, unique and truly special Hen Weekend in Staffordshire....
Tinkers Bells tent...

Great News from Soiree Food.

I am very pleased to tell you about a successful evening! The weather was just perfect. The clients greeted me with a kiss, they were having such a fab time. When I delivered my hot box full of goodies including Morroccan Lamb, chicken breast stuffed with sun dried tomatoes, mozzarella and basil wrapped in Parma Ham and Chargrilled Vegetable Lasagne. Crunchy roast potatoes and Greek salads were also added to the feast! Is your mouth watering yet??
The campsite, Forestside on top of Marchington Cliff, played host to this with stunning views. The accommodation was provided by Tinkers Belles in amazing bell tents. A perfect combination of Simply Staffordshire member businesses working together to create a great Birthday event! 
The next morning I received wonderful feedback from the guests who said "It was simply perfect". 

I am now holding small private Soirees in the Pods at Forestside as a "Dining Experience" if you wanted to stay over I'm sure Tinkers Belles could be arranged!!

A Soiree evening at Forestside Campsite....
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