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Thursday, 2 January 2014

Fairytale Beginnings...hello 2014

Ok - so 1st New Year's resolution is clearly to post on my blog more than every few months! We have been so busy at Simply HQ that posting about our life here in Staffordshire has ended up at the bottom of our list!
So to start the year in proper fashion, I decided to share our New Year walk with you...a magically muddy affair that thankfully finished with a warming drink in the pub.
Our walk took place around the village of Alton - deliciously quiet at this time of year. Along with a large selection of children, dogs & tired adults, we started at the top of the village and dropped down onto the old railway line at Crump Wood. Even in the early afternoon, the valley floor had started to milk over with gathering mist and crossing over the Churnet felt a million miles from civilisation.
To avoid the risk of the walk becoming mundane or clean, we then took a detour up to Ina's Rock over the old canal and horse bridge. The climb was steep enough after a week of eating, drinking and sitting but we were rewarded with the a break in the clouds and warm sun on our faces to help our gasping at the top.
We eventually worked our way back down over rocks and under vegetation gathering several muddy bottoms along the way to be greeted with this image on the meander to the pub...truly a magical sight of Alton Castle filling the new year with promise and mystery.

For more musings & mysteries - Staffordshire style, please stay tuned and we promise more posts will follow!
Happy New Year to you all from Emily at Simply HQ xx

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