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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Grow Your Own Food

This is the time to look at your patch and think about what you can grow to eat! This could be an acre of potatoes or some herbs in a window box. It seems to me that it isn't always easy to work out how to start and to find someone who can help you with those particular questions about your plot! Reading books is great and inspiring but then you find yourself staring at the seeds and the soil and then what? I have a font of all knowledge in mum, bit still get confused about what, when and how. I think the key is to start small and give it a go! Maybe try some salad leaves or a pot of tomatoes and the confidence will build and the taste is fab. I have to say there is also just a little satisfaction in walking past some of the veg isle in the supermarket thinking "got that!" Visit our site to find out how to get a great introduction to Growing Your Own in the beautiful surroundings of rural Staffordshire.

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