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Thursday, 30 October 2008

My Christmas Credit Crunching

My thoughts this year are to avoid all shopping centres and big town shopping. It is so easy to get sucked into the Christmas consuming and I figure you can have a much better festive time if you haven't over spent and filled your house with rubbish. I am not being a scrooge, but I'm going to go to local market towns like Ashbourne and Leek which have beautiful shops and local crafts. You may scream - expensive - but no. I think that I will spend less on petrol to get there, less on parking, I will be in day light and people will smile more! I will wander at leisure away from the crowds and have the brain space to choose my gifts carefully and not randomely chuck stuff in a basket in a vain attempt to end the nightmare big town experience. To boot I reckon I will support my local economy, enjoy the surroundings and won't come home with that slightly sick feeling in my stomach from the feeling that you've over spent, been duped into buying an over priced wok set or from a simple lack of day light and human kindness.

We are offering this sort of Christmas shopping to our guests too this November - spreading the gospel of small town shopping. Check out the site for the info.

So go forth and SHOP LOCAL and your credit crunching Christmas will have a much warmer glow!

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