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Friday, 28 November 2008

Wishing you all a green Christmas!

It seems to me that as the recession bites it is more important than ever to have a greener Christmas. I don't mean something scrooge like and mis but a festive season that makes you glow a bit and not feel poor and empty. I met a woman this week who made me the most beautiful recycled tree decoration made from old beer mats. It really is lovely with sparkles and colour. What made it so special is that it was made with such care and attention. I think that is the central point is that Christmas is about being thankful for our blessings and putting out in the universe what we would like to get back. It is so important that the season is about love and care and that could be with your family, charity work or your cat but it could also be your environment and planet. My tree will be brought in from the garden from last year and carefully turned to such an angle to not show the dismal scratty bits on one side. It will be covered in LED lights and decs collected and made over many years. My sitting room will be mainly decked in real greenery from my garden. The over grown ivy that I curse in the summer will suddenly be my new best friend providing beautiful berries such as the like you wouldn't find in House of Fraser. The stockings (cobbled together with love from scraps of old material) will be hung by the fire and I will watch recycled soppy films on the telly. Most of all I will not be listening to the media and its doom laden misery and focus on the fact that every cloud has a silver lining and I hope for all the best in 2009.

To further the feeling of warmth I will be marching my reluctant boys (including husband) for some fab walks around Staffordshire. I will glory in the frost and moans of "feet too cold" and "can we go home now?" and that will be just from husband. I will induce special deafness for just such occasions and remember that I love this time of year. I will conveniently forget the calendar that looks like high end grafitti art, the long list of jobs from washing and ironing sherperds costumes to making 90 mini stockings (don't ask) and 3 food hampers for school. I will fit in 3 school plays, a church nativity, a shopping trip with husband (now curiously keen when it's toy shopping), a childrens fair, making the cake, wrapping the presents, sending the card to Australia so that it arrives before June, some charity carol singing, 3 birthday parties (like the kids need more hype) oh and running a business.

For those of you who fancy sharing the secrets of Staffordshire or enrolling in one of day courses on a greener life then please just contact me through the website!

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