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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Growing My Own Food!

Very excited this week because thing are starting to grow properly! I have lettuces to pick, the sweetcorn is BIG and I even think my beans have stopped sulking and are finding their way up the poles! My rambling rose is filling the house with the smell of summer and the Wimbledon on the telly - joy. Made this Spanishy omelette for the kids last night and it was a hit - with green and herby salad (from the garden).

a red onion and a white one thinly sliced
a courgette sliced

4 cold new potatoes (leftovers)
some bacon (2 spare smoked rashers) chopped

half red pepper (random find in fridge)
5 large eggs beaten with splash of milk

cheese (whatever you fancy/have)

I slowly fried the onions in a frying pan and then gradually added the other veg until browning but not really soft. I added chopped oregano and marjoram too. Then poured over egg and sprinkled cheese and left on a medium heat until cooking round the edge. Then I popped pan under a hot grill to finish and brown. Sliced up and served with salad leaves, lots of herbs, cucumber and a bit of dressing. YUM!

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