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Monday, 8 June 2009

Holidays in the UK

Holidays in the UK will be at their most popular in a longtime according to Radio 4 last week. This seems to me to be very exciting and full of hope and opportunity. Nothing is as fabulous as the UK in the summer sunshine whether under a tree or on the beach. I for one will be on high picnic alert this summer for the love of it and for economy. My boys have nearly 7 1/2 weeks off school this summer and frankly my purse will be empty by week 2 if I choose to buy food on the go. Not only are appetites at an all time high but so are food prices! I have treated myself to a new picnic bag and am set to go. Top picnic titbits are:

Wraps: tortillas filled with anything you fancy less likely to dry our or go soggy.

Flask of tea: just essential

Bags of cherries: very popular and cheap on the market until end of July

Homemade flapjack: lots and lots and will be fresh when stomachs rumble all day.

Houmous and chopped veg: anything they like and keeps them quiet with the effort of eating and dipping.

Sausages: cold and chopped up never fails to impress.

Love to hear about your picnics and top tips for food!

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